Considering A Dog For Your Security Company? What To Know

If you have a security company and you offer all types of security services to your customers, it may be time to get a dog. There are many things that a dog can detect and smell that humans can't, and having a trained dog allows you to offer your clients a wide variety of protection methods that you don't currently.

You will have to get a dog that has undergone all the training, and these dogs need continued training and special care when they are in your possession. Here are a few reasons why you want to invest your money in one of these dogs for your company.

Drug Detection

The dogs can sniff out several types of drugs in lockers, on clothes, and around the workspace. This allows you to find out if people have drugs on them inside the building, or even in cars in the parking lot. This also allows you to call the police so the people that are dealing the drugs or have them can be caught, which will make your customers happy. 

Explosive Detection

Bomb threats are common in society today. People who don't want to go to work, don't want to go to school, or just want to scare people will call in bomb threats. Sometimes there is nothing to worry about, but other times there really are explosive devices in the building, and it's important to locate these devices to keep everyone safe. The dogs can sniff out the bombs.

Weapon Detection

Some dogs are even able to smell gun powder to detect when people are carrying weapons. This is helpful if you worry that people are storing weapons throughout a workplace where you patrol for your clients, or if you worry they are in vehicles or on people in the property.

It's going to cost a lot to get a dog that has been trained to do these things, and that has completed the training, but it's an investment that is going to improve your business. You won't just be able to use the dog during your regular daily jobs that you have with security, but you can also use the dog for emergency calls when there are problems in your local area, giving you another reason to bill people and make money. Find a program and get an explosive detection dog so you can start offering these services right away for your security company.