Basic Dog Training Tips

When you get a puppy, you will probably want to begin training as soon as possible. Even young puppies can be easily trained. One of the first steps toward training your puppy will be determining what their driving force is. Most dogs will fall into one of two categories. They will either be more receptive to praise that comes in the form of treats (food-driven) or they will be more receptive to praise that comes in the form of love (attention-driven). Once you know what it is that your puppy is the most receptive to, you will know how to let them know they are doing a good job. Here are some of the main things you want to train them on as early as possible.


The first thing you want to work on is housetraining your puppy. This way, they will quickly learn to go to the bathroom outside, something that will be very important for the integrity of your flooring. You can easily train a puppy by keeping them in a kennel when you can't watch them and when they are sleeping. As soon as you remove them from the kennel, you should take them right outside. When they go to the bathroom outside, give them a reward so they know that they did what you wanted.


Sit is another important basic command. When your dog knows to sit, you can have them sit at the door, allowing you to open it without them running out it. Sit also teaches them how to be well-mannered when you are having a conversation with someone, so the dog will sit next to you in an obedient and unobtrusive manner.


Stay is an important thing to teach your dog for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is to keep them safe. If you are going somewhere and you don't want your dog to follow, then you should be able to tell them to stay and know that they won't leave that spot. This can also help with many other things. For example, you may want to fix your dog's food bowl without them trying to get to it. You can have them sit and stay until you let them know that it's okay to eat.


Lay is an important one to teach your dog so you can let them know when you want them to go take a break and lie down in their bed for a bit. Lay is also important for when you take your dog places with you, so you can have them rest while you do what you are there for.

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