Five Benefits Of Dog Obedience Training

If you're like many people who have recently made the decision to share their homes and live with a puppy, you probably find those puppy dog eyes hard to resist. While this is normal, it can make reprimanding your puppy difficult, even though this is necessary for the puppy to be properly trained. Keep in mind that dogs learn best when they are still in the puppy stage, and a well-trained dog is much more pleasant to be around than its untrained counterpart. Following are just three more of the many benefits of dog obedience training. 

Obedience Training May Save Your Puppy's Life

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and they tend to eagerly explore new scents and sounds. However, if your dog hasn't been trained to come when it's called, it can be in danger when off-leash—even in your own neighborhood. For instance, a dog that decides to go bounding across the street to investigate another dog may end up being hit by a car. If you take your dog hiking, camping, or on other wildness adventures, not coming when called may result in unpleasant wildlife encounters, and most dogs won't come out ahead if they decide to see if a black bear, cougar, or coyote wants to play. Most dogs can be easily taught to come when they're called when they aren't distracted, but training often flies out the window when distractions are a part of the picture. A good obedience training class will teach your dog to come when it's called no matter what. 

Obedience Training Will Help You and Your Puppy Bond 

Obedience training will also provide you and your puppy with an excellent opportunity to bond. Dogs are hardwired to want to please their humans, so your dog will be happier you're sharing an activity that involves pleasing you and receiving tangible rewards. Obedience training will also help you gain a better understanding of your puppy's individual temperament and personality. 

Obedience Training Provides Necessary Consistency

Consistency is a necessary component of successfully training a puppy, and too many people find themselves putting training sessions on the back burner when other obligations need attending to. Obedience training involves sticking to a schedule, providing both you and your puppy with the ability to get the most from the sessions. Obedience training also provides puppies with mental stimulation—you've probably noticed by now that yours has an abundance of curiosity. 

Your puppy will benefit from obedience training. Contact a pet training facility with dog obedience lessons in your area