Considering A Dog For Your Security Company? What To Know

If you have a security company and you offer all types of security services to your customers, it may be time to get a dog. There are many things that a dog can detect and smell that humans can't, and having a trained dog allows you to offer your clients a wide variety of protection methods that you don't currently. You will have to get a dog that has undergone all the training, and these dogs need continued training and special care when they are in your possession.

Getting Certified For An ESA | Common Faqs

Pets can provide you with an amazing level of comfort as their owner, and that is no secret. However, if you suffer with certain mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, or otherwise, taking care of a pet can actually help you be more emotionally stable. For this reason, federal regulations now allow for some pets to be designated as qualified ESAs (Emotional Support Animals). If you have an animal you feel provides you with emotional support, it is a good idea to get to have an ESA.

How To Teach Your Children To Be Responsible For Your New Puppy

Have your children been begging for a dog? Give in and let them have one! Having a dog is one of the best things you can do for your children. Dogs teach kids compassion and empathy, and they give the children a sense of security. Did you know that seventy per cent of children confide in their dogs? They promote social interaction, too. Dogs make your kids feel great because these incredible pets give unconditional love.

Correcting Your Older Dog's Bad Behavior: Why The Cues Are Important

When a dog misbehaves, there could be more than just disciplinary issues. In fact, a misbehaved dog often gets into things around the home that they shouldn't--causing injury or illness and maybe requiring a visit to the vet. This can be a problem when your dog is at a groomer, such as South Tampa Puppy Palace, as well. The good news is that even if your dog is older, you can correct bad behavior by using specific cues during your training times, and this guide explains how.